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In 2013 NFL Running Back, Matt Forté, established The Matt Forté “What’s Your Forte?” Foundation. The Foundation is designed to uplift, impact and empower today's youth through community, education and mentorship. Donate today to support our future leaders.

Matt Forte

What's Your Forte Foundation

The Special Education District of Lake County – “SEDOL” - is responsible for providing physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged children up to age 22 with educational opportunities appropriate to each child’s needs. Every parent wants to see their child grow and thrive, but for those who have a child with profound physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, daily life is often a far more difficult struggle than most of us will ever experience. Donate now to support this great cause.

Spice Adams

Sedol Foundation

Campaign Donations

Mission Statement

By combining friendly competition and social media, our platform raises funds for various charities around the world.

What we do

Competition brings out the best in all of us. Whether it is from sports, our siblings, or even our friends, we all want to do our best. This is the fundamental goal of H2O - to bring Happiness 2 Others through competition.

Every week we feature two new competitors, each trying to raise funds for a charity of their choice. Your donations are applied to the campaign leader of your choice and at the end of the week, the person who raised the most for their campaign gets the bragging rights. The loser still gets the victory of knowing that the money raised for their campaign is donated to their cause.

We believe in bringing Happiness 2 Others with each campaign. Whether it be by raising $10 or $10,000 for our various programs, slow progress is still progress. Through each campaign, we aim to donate funds to numerous charities across the world. From cures for diseases to helping revitalize impoverished areas, we can make a huge difference in the world with each donation. With all of us working together, we can bring Happiness 2 Others.

Our Model

To ensure that the maximum benefit goes to the charities, we sustain ourselves on only 10% of the net donations.

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